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3rd February 2019


Introduction It is a “well-informed sense of assurance that the information risks & controls are in balance”. Computer security began immediately after first mainframes were developed. Successful organisation has multiple layers of security in place: i.e. Physical, Personal, Operations, Communications, network & information. Security is a balance between protection and availability. Sec SDLC [General system development life cycle] is a methodology for the design and implementation of an information system in an organization. Why Information

3rd February 2019

Tutorial Numpy (DF Data Analysis)

These quick tutorial are designed to quickly get started with data analysis. In this tutorial we’ll be looking at Numpy. Numpy It’s the fundamental package for scientific computing used to create & manipulate array with python. Creating arrays >>> import numpy as np #importing numpy as np so we don’t have to type numpy again & aagain. >>> df_list1 = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] #creating a list which is one of the ways to

12th June 2018

Still Confused? Final-One: Arduino vs RaspberryPi

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for the detailed specifications and comparison of different developer boards, this blog is for you only. The following article will give you an insight into the common developer boards Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Well, all of us know that a development board is nothing but a printed circuit board containing a microprocessor and the minimal support logic needed for an engineer to become acquainted with the microprocessor

21st May 2018

Decentralised IoT and Block Chain

IoT is no more a new term in today’s technological era. It has indeed revolutionized thousands of personal and professional ecosystems. However, under the fascinating name of Internet of Things (IoT), we often overlook some of the key issues that already had or may arise with the growing needs and demands. The current IOT system relies on a centralized clinch of communication models involving centralized cloud databases/servers to identify & authenticate different devices attached to