R&D: IDM System


Agriculture requires technical solutions for increasing production, while the environmental impact decreases by reduced application of agro-chemicals and increased use of environmental friendly management practices. A benefit of this is the reduction of production costs. Technologies of Sensors produce tools to achieve the above-mentioned goals. #AgtiTech


It isn’t easy ramping up production to match predictions of FAO that we need to boost global food production by 70% to feed the anticipated population of 2050! But the engineers and farmers of today are working together to create a technological solution: precision agriculture and the “smart farm.”


Innovation is more important in modern agriculture than ever before. The industry as a whole is facing huge challenges, from rising costs of supplies, a shortage of labor, and changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability.


Investors are racing to capture value from techno-logical innovation and discontinuities in food and agriculture. Since 2004, global investments in the food-and-agribusiness sector have grown three- fold.