Continuous A/B Testing Coupled with Marketing Efforts Achieve a tremendous Revenue Uplift

October 29, 2022

Grene is a well-known eCommerce brand based in Poland that sells a wide range of agricultural-related products. Over the years, the eCommerce behemoth has conducted numerous successful A/B tests, one of which was a redesign of its mini cart page to highlight in-page elements.

Grene’s team discovered the following while analysing their mini cart page:

  1. assuming the “Free Delivery” USP is a clickable button, hoping for more information This was causing a lot of strife.
  2. having difficulty seeing the total of each item in the cart.
  3. scrolling down to the cart page and clicking the “Go To Cart” CTA button

This is how the design looked before:

Based on the identified issues, the company decided to make the following changes to their mini cart page and use VWO services to A/B test their hypotheses.

Changes included:

  1. added a CTA button to the top of the mini cart to assist users in quickly navigating to the main cart page
  2. added a remove button on the right side of each item (to prevent accidental clicks) and the total value of each product
  3. To make the “Go To Cart” CTA button more visible, They increased its size.

The variation looked like this after changes were done:

Grene saw the following results after running the campaign for 36 days:

  1. Visits to the cart page have increased.
  2. The overall eCommerce conversion rate increased from 1.83% to 1.96%.
  3. Increase in total purchased quantity by twofold.


With the assistance of VWO Services, GRENE has been using VWO to A/B test all of their experience optimization ideas. 

As a result, they saw an increase in several metrics that have a direct impact on their business from 2017 to 2018:

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