How Ubisoft Used A/B Testing To Increase Lead Generation.

October 29, 2022

Ubisoft Entertainment is a leading French video game company. It is best known for publishing games for several well-known video game franchises, including For Honor, Tom Clancy’s, Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and others, and for providing memorable gaming experiences.

Lead generation and conversion rate are two key metrics for Ubisoft in assessing overall performance. While some of its pages were performing well in terms of lead generation and conversion rate, its ‘Buy Now’ page dedicated to the ‘For Honor’ brand wasn’t producing the best results.

Ubisoft’s team investigated the issue, gathered visitor data via clickmaps, scrollmaps, heatmaps, and surveys, and determined that their purchasing process was too time-consuming. The company decided to completely redesign For Honor’s Buy Now page, reducing the up and down page scrolling and simplifying the entire purchasing process.

The Before and after variation now looked like this:

  • On the Buy Now page, the user must first choose their preferred version of the game from the five options displayed on the screen.
  • The user was then expected to scroll down and choose a platform to play on.
  • The final step was to click the Place Your Order button, which took them to the Ubisoft store’s checkout page.

The New Variation of the Test

The hypothesis was to simplify the entire purchasing process by reducing the up-and-down scrolling.The page’s design and layout were changed to support that goal.

  • The section for selecting edition, console, and the Order Now step were moved to the top of the left column, along with an edition comparison, in the redesigned test layout.
  • On the Buy now page, the new design eliminated scrolling and increased interaction time/rate.

After three months of testing, Ubisoft discovered that the variation resulted in more conversions for the company than the control. Conversion rates increased from 38% to 50%, with overall lead generation increasing by 12%.

The results prompted the Ubisoft team to reconsider and test checkout pages on a variety of games in order to arrive at a standardised version.

Ubisoft also decided to use surveys, session replays, and heatmap data to further optimise its conversion funnels and increase on-site engagement.

These are repeatable results for Ubisoft, paving the way for increased revenue.

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