How VWO Helped ShopClues Increase Orders From Its Home Page

October 29, 2022

ShopClues is a well-known eCommerce company that primarily serves the Indian market. Despite being a new player in the fashion market, ShopClues competes with Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon. The company strongly believes in an experimental culture and conducts multiple tests with changes month after month to improve its products and services.

One of the many A/B tests that ShopClues has run using VWO services that have yielded impressive results was when the company increased its visits-to-order by optimizing its home page.

ShopClues carefully examined each home page element and tracked them for conversation signals while planning the experiment. It discovered that the main navigation bar links on the homepage received a high volume of clicks, particularly “Wholesale,” while the others did not. ShopClues recognised the importance of sending more qualified traffic to category pages rather than leaving them wandering on the home page.

As a result, the company decided to replace the “Wholesale” section with other marketing categories such as “super saver,” bazaar, and so on. It also relocated the ‘Wholesale’ section to the site’s left side in the hope that the page will become more visually aligned and attract more qualified visitors.

This is how the home page looked at first:

This is what the variation looked like:

This repositioning, as predicted, allowed customers to navigate through other category pages rather than just the wholesale section. The change also increased ShopClues’ click-through rate in the “wholesale” category.

Conclusion: 26% More Visits-To-Order from the Home Page.

The Home page was Test 1.

Test 2 was for the Category Page

The team obtained data from the analytics team, deployed VWO heatmaps where necessary, and sent reports to the respective managers, who then pointed out areas that needed attention. Divakar’s team developed hypotheses, prioritised testing, and implemented the changes in response to this feedback.

Using VWO’s Visitor Behavior Analysis, the team discovered that filters such as “new arrivals,” “best selling,” and “price sorting” were attracting the majority of user attention for one of their promotional categories (Sunday Flea Market). The original page looked like this:

On-Page Surveys were then used to collect feedback about these filters from visitors. Based on the findings, a variant was developed in which visitors were spared that step in their search. The variation displayed the products that matched the filters in a horizontal display to visitors. VWO provides a goldmine of insights into your visitors’ unusual behaviour. Try it for free to see for yourself!

The variation looked like this:

This test resulted in a stupendous 48% higher visit-to-order.

Conclusion: 48% from the Category Page

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