How Zalora’s Product Page Optimization Increased Checkout Rate By 12%.

October 29, 2022

Zalora is one of the Asia-Pacific region’s fastest-growing online fashion retailers. The online store is best known for its stylish fashion and beauty products. Zalora is a valued VWO customer who relies on its services on a daily basis.

One of the many successful A/B tests that Zalora has run so far was optimizing the design of product pages to highlight some of the brand’s rewarding features such as a free return policy and free delivery services.

Competitive pricing with guaranteed quality, accessibility, and ease of transaction are what determine the fate of any company in the massive APAC online fashion market. Zalora’s customer service team claimed that customers were unaware of their free returns policy due to the feature’s poor visibility on the website.

This hypothesis was developed by the eCommerce company based on data gathered by its customer service team. It claimed that customers were unaware of Zalora’s free return policy due to the feature’s lack of visibility on product pages. The team quickly made the necessary changes and conducted an experiment to gauge customer reactions.

The control and variations looked like this:


Variation 1

Variation 2:

After running the test for an extended period of time, Zalora discovered that Variation 1 outperformed both the control and its counter-variation 2. By simply standardising Zalora’s call to action button, the eCommerce giant increased its checkout rate by 12.3%.


The winner was Variation 1, which increased checkouts by 12.3%. Wai Teng Yong attributes this variation’s success to two factors:

  1. Following the natural reading order, visitors tend to process content from left to right. Putting the most important information on the left helped customers note these crucial contents first.
  2. Bringing too much attention to the price can be an early deterrent for potential buyers.

Zalora has used A/B testing with VWO since its inception to acquire new customers, optimise site experience, and so on. VWO Services’ prompt response and technical expertise provided an additional incentive for them to continue using VWO.

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