Atmosphere (Air) Sensors in AgriTech

There are many sensors used in this category of AgriTech. From simple measurements of temperature and humidity to complex airflow sensors directed towards the measurement of soil air permeability.

Today we can find advanced self-contained agricultural weather stations used all around the world in growing fields. These units are generally custom designed as per local crop and climatic conditions.

Some of the application for which these sensors are used are:

At DARKFRACTAL, we are dedicated towards continuous research and development of these sensors units, to facilitate efficiency and economic viability of technologies used in the agriculture sector. If you require any kind of assistance or just want to stay updated with all the new developments in this sector feel free to contact us. We’ll love to share our recent breakthroughs in the development of our modular systems. They are designed with the focus of profitability, efficiency and ease of operation on the ground, making them attractive for farms of all sizes.

As there are many resources available online regarding all the above discussed agricultural parameters, there are very few focused on airflow measurement and the relationship between air and soil in farming. So let’s conclude this short discussion with that, also we have provided some links to our live demos of hardware and data collection units.

Permeability of soil reflects the ease with which gases, liquids, or plant roots penetrate or pass through a bulk mass of soil or a layer of soil. Now if we talk about air permeability, it has a direct influence on many soil parameters and is one of the core components while calculating soil pore characteristics. With an assumption of a linear relationship between flow and pressure, airflow measurements are taken mostly at a fixed pressure difference. Through these measurements, we are trying to look for the data which reflects the pressure required to push a predetermined amount of air into the ground. The data collected can be used to calculate various properties of soil like soil type, structure, compaction and moisture levels.

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