DF Research & Development

After doing our market research and going through reports and research available online and offline resources, we found a great need for research-driven technology services in India. As the outcome of this research we have been doing, we were able to identify common issues with IoT Infrastructure Development.

Problem Statement Key Points:

  1. Application Engineering as per each project, every time.
  2. No common platform, which can support all.
  3. High learning curve for the end user.
  4. Both Front-end and Back-end Complexity.
  5. Scalability Issue.

Introducing DF’s IoT Platform

  • A common platform, suited for small to large projects.
  • Design and Cost efficiency as per projects, with the modular design.
  • Power consumption can be customized with the specially designed power modules.
  • Front-end design with data security layers and dynamic interface as per requirement.
  • Can be very easy scaled to support requirements from smart light to smart home to industry automation.

Our platform is divided into following segment:

  • Segment 1: Showcasing Modular Electronics (IDM Version 2 Development)

We have upgraded wired sensor modules to wireless sensor modules. This was achieved by using small process and pairing them with Bluetooth and sensor circuit. Also we are in process of redesigning and re fabricating complete body of IDM using CAD Modelling and 3D printing.

  • Segment 2: Showcasing IDM’s Neural Networking and Machine Learning Capabilities.

We have taken use processing capabilities of the boards we are using and developed a light onboard neural network system which can be programmed to function from image recognition to live video processing. Also for analysing the patterns in the data sets received from the sensor nodes. We are using neural pressing capabilities by adding dedicated hardware from Intel.

  • Segment 3: Showcasing data visualization and user-friendly interface.

Using multiple python data visualization and data crunching libraries we have developed an easy to use but very efficient data visualization interface. Now it can be used and broadcasted for both online and web application also.

  • Segment 4: Showcasing IDM’s BlockChain Capability(IOTA on ASUS Tinker Board)

We have redeveloped our platforms blockchain support. It was earlier based on Etherium but in order to overcome multiple issues and make it more suitable for IoT application we developed a IOTA based BlockChain system on a much more powerful upgraded ASUS Tinker Board.

Ongoing Activities:

Now as we have reached to field testing Phase. We are currently deploying and testing our system in a Green House for precision farming.

  • Custom Power System design to handle 3 phase to 2 phase supply changes.
  • Automating Pumping and solenoid valves.
  • 14 Wireless Modules Deployment with Soil Moisture and Surrounding temperature and humidity.
  • Complete Monitoring System and localized database.
  • Use database and neural network to make analysis reports and prediction models.
  • System to input manual work, testing & experimental data.