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Creating a Winning eCommerce Business Plan

Welcome to DARKFRACTAL, where we design unique and effective eCommerce templates for online store owners. Here is a template for a complete business development plan, with details and questions for each section: Part 1: eCommerce Executive Summary and Company Description Executive Summary Company Description…

Meesho faces seller protest over tightened return policies

🚨E-commerce Alert: Meesho faces seller revolt over tightened return policies.

💰Cost-cutting measures were implemented following feedback from third-party logistics partners, but sellers in Surat, a major hub for fashion merchants, are giving Meesho negative reviews and refusing to process orders.

💡Lesson for other e-commerce owners: Clear communication and transparency can prevent backlash. Have a plan in place to mitigate potential damage to business relationships.

📈Will Meesho’s sales be impacted?

A minor change to Ben’s product page resulted in an increase in conversions when using VWO.

Ben is a Dutch telecom industry personal budget challenger. The company, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, provides two types of subscription plans to its customers: a sim-only subscription and one that includes a mobile handset. One of the many conversion rate optimization campaigns that…

How VWO Helped ShopClues Increase Orders From Its Home Page

ShopClues is a well-known eCommerce company that primarily serves the Indian market. Despite being a new player in the fashion market, ShopClues competes with Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon. The company strongly believes in an experimental culture and conducts multiple tests with changes month after…

How Ubisoft Used A/B Testing To Increase Lead Generation.

Ubisoft Entertainment is a leading French video game company. It is best known for publishing games for several well-known video game franchises, including For Honor, Tom Clancy’s, Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and others, and for providing memorable gaming experiences. Lead generation and conversion rate…

PayU Reduces Checkout Page Drop-Off By Implementing Data-Driven A/B testing

PayU is a fintech company of Indian origin that offers a unique set of financial solutions to local and cross-border merchants in emerging markets. PayU, as a payment facilitator, believes it is critical to maintain a simple, intuitive, and convenient checkout process and to…

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